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Thursday, July 22, 2010

ZAG-designed Store Focuses on Sustainable Material..."

Silver Jeans Gets Hip With Green
ZAG-designed Store Focuses on Sustainable Materials

by Tracy Dillon

Contemporary organic architecture bridges ’60s consciousness with today’s need for a holistic and harmonious environment by incorporating retro imagery and visual merchandising with such natural elements as stone, wood, bamboo, plants, and water, explains designer Victor Zamparelli of Zamparelli Architectural Group (ZAG). Environmentally responsible wood species create a seamless flow from the storefront and entry canopy to wall and fixture elements, including a serpentine “spine” running through the space, for a peaceful, welcoming ambiance.

With a desire for a sustainable environment and little control over building systems in the mall site, the retailer and designer focused on where they could make the most difference without adding substantially to the cost of the project: materials. Working primarily from the LEED Materials and Resources credit category requirements, Zamparelli called for natural, recycled, recyclable, and locally extracted materials as well as low-VOC adhesives and finishes.

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